In Exodus 18, Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, observed Moses single-handedly managing the Children of Israel and accurately discerned the emotional, mental and physical toll it was taking on him.   Jethro wisely counselled Moses to appoint lieutenants to oversee segments of the people and tolled Moses’  to  keep his oversight only for his leadership.  As a result of Jethro’s wise counsel, more people were helped and Moses was provided a measured amount of relief.

Pastor Paul Teske is now in the “Jethro Season” of his life.  He applies the “Jethro Principle” as he mentors pastors and leaders both in the ecclesiastical and corporate realms who possess great knowledge and understanding, yet need wisdom in how to apply what the know and understand to their situation in a way that will maximizes their effectiveness.  Pastor Paul Teske has over 40 years of ministry experience as a church planter, Senior Parish Pastor, Navy Chaplain and Conference/Seminar Speaker.  He has visited and ministered in over 60 countries on 6 continents; appeared on numerous television and radio shows; lived outside the USA in Germany, Panama and Japan.  He has collected over the years a wealth of knowledge and understanding about Kingdom work in different areas of ministry and now makes himself available as a mentor to impart wisdom into those who seek his counsel.

Pastor Paul stepped down as Senior Pastor from St. Paul Westport in 2017 and relocated to Dallas, Texas. He will continue his global ministry of healing and deliverance and serve as a spiritual mentor to clergy and business professionals.